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Zuri’s Donutz Brings Imaginative Old Fashioneds to Ballard This Summer -

ONE OF THE REGION’S coolest doughnut purveyors is about to enter Seattle city limits. Zuri’s Donutz, a Lynnwood destination for crullers and old fashioneds with big personalities, will set up temporary shop in Ballard Blossom’s former home on NW Market Street.

“I don’t know how long it will last,” admits Zuri’s owner Davis Vincent. He’s the first of a few popup purveyors who will share this space until it gets redeveloped, but he does plan to fill his portion of the space with plants, Kona coffee, and a portion of the 50-plus doughnut varieties that rotate through his original shop.

Davis opened Zuri’s in late 2019. He gets a lot of attention for unexpected flavors like torched buttercream or lavender or chicken and waffles, but his combos never feel like gimmicks. Davis makes his own icing—coffee, horchata, ube, mango—and leans into the underrated charms of a French cruller or classic old fashioned.

According to My Ballard, the neighborhood improvement organization, the Ballard Alliance, brought Zuri’s in to keep the empty building active whole owners sort out long-term plans for a seven-story hotel. But for Vincent, it’s a chance to try out a location with ample foot traffic (Zuri’s in Lynnwood sits in a strip mall between a Little Caesars and a tattoo parlor). The Ballard space will operate only on weekends and offer, hopefully, a test run for a future location around these parts.

“I’ve got people asking me constantly to come to Seattle,” says Vincent. Before the Ballard team approached him, he always figured a city location had to mean downtown. Either way, having a doughnut shop worthy of a road trip replicate itself within city limits feels like a win.

Look for Zuri’s Ballard to debut in “another few weeks” at 1766 NW Market St (and maybe keep tabs on the open date via Instagram).




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