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Craving a doughnut? We've got a 'hole' lot of suggestions! 😋🍩 #k5evening

A baker in Lynnwood is redefining the common doughnut.

Davis Vincent creates twists on old classics with his inventive menu, which includes flavors like vanilla maple blueberry, Bailey's, mimosa, rich java, lavender, taro and horchata.

He rotates the menu at his small shop, Zuri’s Donutz, every week.

"You never know what you're going to get. Every day is different,” he said. "You come in the doughnut shop, you get to experience something, you get to feel something. I want you to see something you've never seen. I want you to taste things that you've never tasted."

To that end, Vincent uses fresh and organic ingredients, all-natural coloring, and bakes the doughnuts to a slight crisp.




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