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GfVP ~ procedure

At Zuri’s Gourmet Donutz, we specialize in crafting both traditional and gluten-free donutz from a shared kitchen space. Our gluten-free preparation methodz are designed with the utmost care to accommodate those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

Our strict preparation protocol is diligently followed before each gluten-free baking session, guaranteeing the safety and quality of our productz.

  1. Dedicated Gluten-Free Equipment: We have set aside specific equipment for gluten-free production. This includez:

    • Mixing Bowlz

    • Mixing Equipment

    • Baking Moldz

  2. Separate Storage: All gluten-free ingredientz are stored separately in a different area of the kitchen; away from other materialz, ensuring no cross-contamination.

  3. Exclusive Use of Gluten-Free Flour: Our kitchen houses only gluten-free flour for all purposez, further reducing the risk of gluten exposure.

  4. Specific Production Dayz: Gluten-free donuts are prepared on dedicated dayz, post a comprehensive kitchen clean-up and sanitization process.

“In our kitchen, gluten-free isn't just an option, it's a separate entity. Segregated by production days, everything—from regular to gluten-free—is meticulously handled with necessary safety protocols firmly in place.

From the mixing bowl to the baking mold, to individual containers, we treat our gluten-free products with special care. We tolerate no margin for error, nor do we slacken our strict precautions when crafting these delicaciez.

Our commitment stemz from personal experience and understanding—we too deal with gluten and dairy allergiez. We know the importance of enjoying food that has been prepared with careful consideration for health and safety.

Our gluten-free productz aren't just a part of our offering; they are our pride. We simply won't compromise when it comez to your health and enjoyment.”

- DJ

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