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National Doughnut Day: Where to find 9 of Seattle's best doughnut shops

Unlike some other food scenes in the Emerald City that might be lacking — we hear you, East Coast transplants bemoaning Seattle's pizza — the city is actually home to flourishing doughnut shops that are taking the humble pastry above and beyond the traditional glazed or powdered hole.

And since June 4 is National Doughnut Day, there's never been a better time to treat yourself to one of the upstarts shaking up the local pastry scene.

Zuri's Donutz

These aren't your grandma's doughnuts. This Black-owned shop in Lynnwood has been stirring up a buzz with the most zany, eclectic flavors including savory chicken-and-waffles doughnuts, ube-glazed oreo treats, and even doughnuts that come injected with bourbon. If you can't make the trek up to the storefront, be sure to look out for pop-up markets at Ballard Blossoms.

Iced Ube Doughnuts from Zuri's in Lynnwood.



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