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Look Out For This Pop-Up Donut Shop Coming To Ballard

A Lynnwood donut shop is bringing its unique flavors and treats to Ballard soon, according to Eater Seattle.

Zuri's Donutz is a recently opened business from owner and baker Davis Vincent. The business is moving temporarily into the empty Ballard Blossom building at 1111 NW 85th Street, reporters said. The property is awaiting redevelopment.

Vincent named his shop after his daughter, which started as a one-man operation. After getting more staff, Zuri's reputation soared from their yummy and unique flavors and pairings, such as red wine donuts and ube mango. They also bake cakes and plan to introduce coffee, milk and other goodies to the menu.

The plan is for the Ballard location to be open on weekends only. Customers can expect some delicious selections at this spot, too: dulce de leche; a “Wood Bourbon”-inspired option; a Girl Scout-topped variety called “Scoutz Honor;” and a flaming s’mores flavor called “Smore pleaze.” Vincent also plans to attract Ballard customers who are out walking their dogs or kids and want a sweet bite.

"I want people to be excited about the weekend," the owner told Eater Seattle. "'Hey, it’s Friday, Zuri’s open.'"



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