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Search - 11 black-owned restaurants in Snohomish County

Zuri’s Donutz, 7600 196th St. SW, No. 850, Lynnwood, opened in February. Owners Zuri and Davis Vincent jokingly warn their customers that they’ll need 20 minutes to decide on one doughnut. Sure, you’ll find your French cruller, old-fashioned, maple bar, bear claw, cake and buttermilk doughnut offerings — but they all have flavor and icings combinations you’ve likely never tried before. Some ideas they’ve run with include caramel latte, garlic and chile, rose (wine), chicken and waffles, lavender and ube. The Vincents offer more than just sweet and savory doughnuts at their shop. You can also pick up cakes, macaroons, pastries, marzipan, breakfast sandwiches and Italian sodas. Call 425-582-8803 or find Zuri’s Donutz on Facebook.




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