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The Bat aka Buttermilk Bar for looking sooo darn yummy... And definitely NOT staying in the case long.. 😆 The Lineup GUAVA LEMON PUMPKIN CREAM CHEESE COCONUT BAV CREAM DOCE DE LEITE Butt'rCREAM (soooo good) UBE ME BETT'R & TROPICAL GENUS BUTT'RCREAM

When we have down time to experiment.. We start throwing a little of this 🍓🥯 a little of that 🌰🧇🥓 & we end up somewhere around here 🚧 .. 🌋 😁😂 You've got to have fun through anything if you're going to thrive.. 👨🏾‍🍳

Zuri's Tropical Better Cake 🎂 A delicious blend of Ube & Pandan with the opposite of a rich buttercream. Purple & Green like you've never seen as we take delighted dessertz to the next level of taste & culture..

Rich Java Apple Fritter

Partnering up w/ @baileysofficial as Zuri's Dessert Bar growz up.. We're far beyond donutz! 🌌 Donut 🍩 mind if I do! 🍩 💥The Donut: Bavarian Baileyz - chocolate Bavarian cream filled planet topped w/ Baileyz icing

Wood Bourbon Apple Fritter

Something for your 5am commute! And throughout your day! 🥐🥚🥓🧀🍖

Mi abuela estaría orgullosa 👩🏽‍🦱 Introducing 🍓The Trez Rosquillas🍓🥛 🍓❤

S'mores, maple bar, cake, ube, butter cream and gluten free carrot cake and gluten free strawberry

BAILEY'S & Bavarian Cream Pod 🤪

We had to reinvent the Maple 🌰 Bacon 🥓 If you know us.. We're not just talking about an icing, or topping.. You can close your eyes & glow with that party in your mouth.. 🌰🥓

Mango & Horchata

UBE & Guava 😉

Torched Buttercream


Christian Grey

Your basic donut? 🍩 Nahhh 🍩 Try ... Bailey's Irish Cream 😳

The Apple Cloud 😋

So an apple cloud covered in Luck of the Irish (Baileys) icing! .. 🍩🧉

Maple Bourbon 🍁 apple Frittz topped w/ a honeycrisp Bourbon soaked slice of joy & a shot of .... to top it off.. Sure that makez for a great morning!

A look into the #galaxy Yummy vanilla turned glittering swirly wunder.. ⭐ 💫 🌠

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